1. Power of Song

From the recording Wanderlust

Written by Mia Edsall
featuring Mia Edsall band


Power of Song -Mia Edsall
The church walls still shake in Alabama State
With sorrow and tone on any given day
March to Montgomery, singing low
The truth in the message, worries my soul
Power of Song, Power of Song

Pete Seeger was blacklisted for Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
About a foolish Army captain, down by New Orleans
Pete wouldn't testify, he would not back down
Then sang to one million people in Washington town
Power of Song, Power of Song
It moves mountains it seems
Makes lame men walk and blind women see
It loves a child who's lost her family
Power of Song, Power of Song
Birds lend a soothing symphony
White water a rock and roll melee
All kinds of music changing you and me
Power of Song, Power of Song
oh, oh....to end