1. Quarantine

From the recording Wanderlust

Written by Mia Edsall
Mandolin - Ben Winship



Counting cars on the big box train
200 long and moving slow
Distancing, blistering, staying clean
Home in Idaho
Living alone on my phone 4 hours a day
I have no work, I have no plan
Leanin' in breathin' in, I'm ok
Making hay as best I can
Quarantine, holdin' me
So alone and blue
Social distancing,
keeping' me away from you
Wanderlust, make no fuss
pray and trust
We ain't goin' no where
get on down, play around, make it right
Who said life was fair

Paradigm shift won't take to lip for a banjo lick
There's starlings on my beam
Take my pain. I'm not insane
clawhammer pick
It's spring in quarantine